Results in English

Train Station                                                                                            -   very good, interested
Play Drive                                                                                                 -   very playful
Prey - Retrieve Drive                                                                           -   very good, grabs and holds
Attachment to the Owner                                                                  -   very good
Temperament                                                                                         -   very good, very young dog
Reaction to friendly strangers (without contact)                    -  very good
Reaction to contact with friendly strangers                              -   very good, interested
Reaction to visual stimulus                                                              -   very good, interested
Reaction to acoustical stimulus                                                     -   very good, interested
Behavioral Stability                                                                             -   very good, very secure
Observations                                                                                           -   good bond to the owner, only the last 5 months
                                                                                                                           in ownership - very good bond